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Dreams come true, $45 million Lotto jackpot

Old interesting news:

A 43-year old Manhattan playwright who always dreamed of a life under the bright lights of the stage, was the star of the show yesterday as the sole winner of a $45 million Lotto jackpot.
Struggling performance artist John Falcon was all smiles and laughs as New York State Lottery officials presented him with a replica of a $45 million check

"Where's my money," he joked.

Falcon, a New York native who grew up in The Bronx, is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology.
Falcon held the only winning ticket for the Oct. 30 drawing - earning him a place in Lotto history as only the second person ever to single-handedly grab a $45 million jackpot. 
He bought the winning ticket from Stop & Go News Inc. at Broadway and 92nd Street in Manhattan.
His winning strategy?
He simply played his old addresses - 3, 15, 20, 22, 32 and 39.
"I've been in shock for two weeks," Falcon said. "There is no reality to any of this yet."
Falson said after betting two dollars a week for two years without a win, he was stunned at his sudden good luck.
"I didn't know what to do," he said. "Do I go back to the bodega where I bought it and ask for my $45 million? Finally, I asked my boss and he said, 'Call the lottery office.'
"When I played the $33 million [jackpot] and didn't win, I looked up at heaven and said, 'Grandma, do something.' I think she did!"
Starting next week, Falcon will receive his winnings in the form of annuity payments over 20 years.
The Big Apple's newest millionaire says he's going to use his newfound wealth to bankroll what has been a struggling arts career.
"I'm definitely going to do my show, now I can afford to rent out theaters," said Falcon, who is the author of a one-man show entitled, "The Short Puerto-Rican Guy Sings Songs of Angst."
Falcon, a life-long subway rider, says he does have one other plan for the money.
"Maybe I'll learn how to drive."

News of NY Post written by ANGELA C. ALLEN

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